About Aliki

Alice (Aliki in Greek) Sirounis (B.Ed.) is the founder of Aliki's Art House in Calgary, Canada. Aliki She has been an artist and art educator for over 28 years, and  is currently pursuing her latest interest – how using art as therapy can help others.

Aliki graduated from the University of Regina, majoring in middle years education, visual and language arts; taught in Saskatchewan; then moved to Calgary to attend the Alberta College of Art and Design.

In 1991, she decided to begin a home-based business that would allow her to stay home with her young children. Aliki’s Art House expanded into an art education company and studio that taught hundreds of artists, teachers and educators the skill of drawing.

Aliki has taught in a variety of settings including preschools, classrooms (private and public), community, juvenile detention, and senior centres, as well as private functions.

Aliki has also taught a wide variety of ages and abilities from 4 years – seniors. She has worked with many school systems and has been a consultant and advisor to teachers, principals and school boards. She has taught workshops in both Canada and Europe. Aliki created a practical methodology that is now known as Aliki’s 7-Step System. This sequential methodology takes the mystery out of drawing and helps anyone learn how to draw.

For years Aliki has been fascinated with the link between brain research, its effects on drawing and how to teach realistic drawing. Throughout her career she has witnessed the wonderful impact art can have on feeling better-- mentally, physically and emotionally. Using thousands of hours in experiential work she has found that these three areas can be combined in a unique process she calls Art in Mind.

Aliki loves to spend time with family and friends. She relishes the simple things in life like reading or strolling on the beach. Aliki enjoys painting and has exhibited her work throughout Canada, the United States and overseas. Her work can be found in local, national and international collections.

Growing up in the Greek Orthodox Christian faith has sparked her latest interest in learning the ancient art form of iconography as well as using a Christian based framework, as requested by clients, in her facilitating sessions.

Since relocating to Brisbane, Aliki has been focusing on helping clients experience the benefits of using art as therapy.

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