Adult Classes

Drawing and Creative Development

Monthly Small Group Art Lessons for Adults

Gather some family or friends and create a group that you would like to spend some quality time with while learning how to draw and create.

Using Aliki’s 7-Step System, you will experience immediate success and confidence in your abilities.

Created in beginner adult art class

Created in beginner adult art class

Cost: $195. Includes all materials needed for each class per month.
Day and Time: Wednesday: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Minimum class participants: 4


The following section showcases an example of an adult student who didn’t think she could draw. The first pre-instruction drawing shows the level of drawing before instruction.

Carmen and her husband Walter

This is a photograph of Carmen and her husband Walter.

Although Carmen had no drawing experience (see ‘before’ drawing) she had a project that she wanted to complete.

The project was “ to be able to sketch a non-stick man, recognizable portrait for our 25th Anniversary, in 1 semester of art classes.”

Carmen’s Pre-Instruction Drawing Level:

Cat, fish, bird, boy and girl

Cat, fish, bird, boy and girl

The process

The process.

"I first met Aliki when my 12-year-old son attended a "Learn How to Draw" summer camp.  He was having a lot of fun and creating beautiful art when I said in jest, "I'd love to join him at kid’s camp!   I've always wanted to learn how to draw".  

My limitation was that I couldn't even draw stickmen straight and had a lifelong desire to be able to draw portraits.  Aliki mentioned that she teaches adult classes and guaranteed that I could learn how to draw in a very short period of time.

With hesitation and skepticism, I joined her class.  I presented my dream project to her and gave "her" a deadline.  Such pressure!  The first lesson was the most memorable in that I found as an adult, I was in total fear of embarrassment, my limitations in art and my perceived inadequacies of my creations with the other talented students in the class.  I envied the no barrier, care free creative style of my children and how whatever they created was beautiful.  

The final product!

The final product!

Aliki taught me the freedom and knowledge of creating something out of nothing, that not drawing or painting within lines was not only totally acceptable but encouraged.  Experimenting with art supplies was freeing and it need not be time consuming and "perfect" to be an artistic creation.  Aliki taught me that, "In art, there are no mistakes!"  

With her incredible patience, confidence, encouragement and her obvious love and knowledge of art, she made each class the best hour I set-aside for myself each week, every class being more exciting and eventful than the last. Aliki came through on her promise and not only did I surprise my children and husband with my first 8"x10" sketched portrait, I surprised myself most of all!

I learned to draw and also learned that one is never too old or it's never too late to follow your dreams.  I thought that I couldn't experience a more euphoric moment, until I registered my 20-year-old daughter with special needs in her children's art class, and saw a transformation and breakthrough happen in her art as well.  I rediscovered that, "Art is a venue to express oneself from within.” - Carmen Kubitz,