How is an Art in Mind Session Different From an Art Class?

The process of using art in a therapeutic setting is different because of the end product. As we can see from the drawings shown below, a person can be depicted very differently.

During an art class, our goal may be to draw the person realistically however at an Art in Mind session, the person can be drawn as a symbolic form in order to simply depict an idea or emotion.

You will find that the process itself is very different than learning an art skill. The process and insights are the focus. An Art in Mind session can also simply put you in touch with what you are thinking or feeling. Most clients feel that something is resolved in the very first session whether they can verbalize it or not. 

             Art Class Sample                        Therapeutic Art Session Sample

On the other hand art classes tend to focus on skills, techniques and at times the end product looking a certain way. Having said that, sometimes therapeutic artwork my have an aesthetically pleasing outcome, even though that is not the goal.

How is an Art in Mind session different from an art class?

“It was wonderful to have the opportunity to be creative and not analytical." - client