What Have Others Said About the Process?

"I really liked the music, the supplies being so handy to grab, the fact that you let me do whatever I wanted--no pressure. I really liked the fact that we could talk or not as we worked. Your interaction afterwards, affirmed me."

What have others said about the process?

“When I began layering the materials on the paper, I felt unsure of what it was to look like; then, I just let go and allowed it to simply be pleasing to my eye. If I did something that I did not like I simply found a way to change it or cover it. Eventually it was extremely freeing.”

“I feel so much better.”

“Afterward we discussed the finished product and it amazingly seemed to depict what was going on in my head. The writing was, likely, my favourite part. I felt I could simply not write as fast as my mind was thinking (what a fantastic experience). It could be called therapeutic writing, as it was not like any journal writing I have ever done. Once I closed my little journal I did not look at it again; though, I went back to it later that evening and was amazed to find I could hardly recall what I had written. I am very excited about my next session!”

“This is such a useful process. It’s like an emotional barometer.”