Professional Development for Schools and Educators


Aliki offers consulting services that are individually tailored to your professional development.

Whether you are a beginning teacher or a seasoned veteran, and feel that you have not been properly instructed in your training in the following area, please contact Aliki and she would be glad to help you achieve your goals:

How to Properly and Painlessly Critique Student Artwork:

Many teachers do not feel confident on how they ‘should’ speak to their students about their art. Some teachers have had life-changing experiences as they were growing up and at times these may have been negative. This in turn can make critiquing student art a challenge.

How to Properly and Painlessly Critique Student Artwork

Aliki will teach you how to get the best possible results from your students without tears and self esteem issues. This session will also include:

  • How to have an honest conversation about your student’s art
  • How to help your students trust your word regarding feedback on their work
  • How to give meaningful and positive feedback without being condescending to your students
  • How to help your students receive a critique of their work
  • How to conduct a class critique
  • How to conduct individual critiques
  • What to say when a student does not like their artwork
  • Questions to ask during critiques
  • How to guide classroom participation during a critique

How to Properly and Painlessly Critique Student Artwork

Cost: $95. Per hour
Skype:  Consulting Skype sessions are also available