Professional Development for Schools and Educators


Aliki offers consulting services that are individually tailored to your professional development.

Whether you are a beginning teacher or a seasoned veteran, and feel that you have not been properly instructed in your training in the following area, please contact Aliki and she would be glad to help you achieve your goals:

Discipline in the Classroom

It is most unfortunate that this very necessary skill is NOT taught properly in university teacher training. Many gifted and talented teachers have ended their careers because they felt that they were incompetent in the area of disciplining. Let Aliki help you apply real life techniques that work.

Art Supplies

Aliki will help you identify your current disciplining approach and custom tailor what you need for your particular personality and work situation. Note, a combination of therapeutic art may help with this discovery. These techniques can be used for all subject areas. Aliki will show you how to have a disciplined art class so that respectful learning can take place and why a quiet art room is not only desirable, but essential for producing higher quality artwork.

Cost: $95. Per hour