Art in Mind Retreats and Events

NEW!! Aliki is now offering relaxing and rejuvenating group art retreats in the serene surroundings of her Brookwater art studio in Queensland Australia (QLD. Australia 4300). All art materials, morning, afternoon tea and lunch are provided. Book your group of five or more. Cost: $195. per person. Email for more details.

Testimonial: "Your attention to detail and thoughtfulness made me feel like I was at a Day Spa for the psyche."

Aliki will come to your event or retreat and introduce participants to the wonderful world of therapeutic art. This is a hands-on workshop.

Retreats and Events

Retreats or events range from professional development to staff parties. The length of the retreat is dependent on how much time you would like to book. Each retreat or event is tailor made to suit your group.

Retreats and Events

Here’s what others have said about Aliki’s Art in Mind Retreats:

“It is calming and I felt I matter to someone. It’s just about me for a little while.”

“Thank you Aliki. You did a great job and I didn’t feel intimidated.”

“It’s amazing what you can discover about yourself and it is calming. Definitely want to do this again.”

"I saw the bright aspects of my drawing come out bigger than the negative parts (positiveness of my life rather than struggles). It didn’t matter if I was a good drawer or not.”

Retreats and Events

“Great work Aliki, your gentle nature and sensitivity helps you excel.”

“It was interesting and enjoyable.”

“There was no pressure to be a ‘good’ artist.”

“Surprisingly beneficial.”

Retreats and Events

Time/Day: Days and times will be chosen to suit.

Cost: Please email your idea for the retreat or event and Aliki will provide a quote for the occasion. State the amount of time you are interested in booking (eg: hourly, ½ day or full day). Cost will include all materials that will be used during the workshop.