Portfolio Development

Art Student Portfolio Development

Here you are at uni or college and a simple assignment to come up with a realistic drawing sends you into a panic. Relax. With this class you will be drawing better in just a few lessons.

Did you know that very few classroom teachers can actually teach students how to draw? It sounds so simple yet this can be the cause of great frustration.

For students who are competing for entry, this class will develop your drawing skills as well as your portfolio. It is one of the best investments you will make in your future career.

Whether you are a potential fashion design student applying to QUT or TAFE, or a fine arts student with plans to go to UQ, these lessons will better prepare both you and your portfolio. The confidence that comes from acquiring excellent drawing skills is immeasurable.

The photos below show before and after examples and the improvement an art student accomplished after just 5 individual lessons.

Before instruction

After instruction

Cost: $85. per hour

Time and Day: Flexible and tailored to suit.

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