What is an Art in Mind Session?

Let’s face it: Some things are just plain hard to talk about. At times we can’t find the words that we need to express ourselves. Expressing emotions through art is a safe way to let feelings out without having to necessarily articulate them verbally.

What is an Art in Mind session?

Many people find that given the opportunity and guidance as necessary, it can be much easier to express themselves through art. Some people find it difficult to go to traditional counseling since it may be somewhat intimidating. An Art in Mind session is a comfortable process as the artwork ‘holds’ the emotions and can externalize and clarify difficult emotions in an easy manner.  It can literally give you a different ‘perspective’ and help you resolve your daily or life challenge.

Studies show that most people tend to think of events in picture format. Emotions are stored in the brain in the form of images. It therefore makes sense that expressing feelings, resolving situations and even trauma is easier to access using visual art.

"I had an epiphany. I realized I needed to work on myself first. I used to think I needed to work on myself AND my family at the same time. It was too much pressure." - client