Aliki’s Teaching Philosophy

Aliki’s Art In Mind 'AIMS' higher by believing that ANYONE can learn how to draw and that drawing is a teachable skill just like any other. Each artist is encouraged and nurtured in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.

About Drawing

Why do most people not  feel creative? The reason is quite simple. They don’t know how to draw realistically and therefore, don’t consider themselves ‘real’ artists. Learning to draw quickly boosts artistic confidence, opens the door to creativity and is actually an easily attainable skill.

Did you know that only a small percentage of people are born with a natural gift of knowing how to draw yet anyone can learn the skill of drawing realistically?

Childrens Art

Drawn by Marija: 8 years old

If you can sign your name, throw a tennis ball or tie your shoelaces, you can learn how to draw.

The only reason you may not know how to draw is simple…no one taught you how.

Using a revolutionary instructional drawing method, and sound teaching techniques, Aliki's Art in Mind has encouraged hundreds of artists from beginners to professionals. The focus is to teach practical skills that encourage all artists to draw confidently, even those who claim “I’m not creative” or “I can’t even draw a straight line."

Convinced that drawing was in fact a “teachable” subject and a structured method could be established in much the same way as had been done in music and writing, Aliki created what is now known as Aliki’s 7-Step System.

Aliki’s 7-Step System can successfully teach the skill of drawing to all ages and stages from children to adults regardless of prior art experience. (For adult art samples, click here)

Student Sample: 9 years old

Student Sample: 9 years old

By learning the foundational skill of drawing, students gain confidence in all other art forms. Artists who paint and sculpt, do so better when they study the skill of drawing.

Student Sample: 10 years old

Student Sample: 10 years old

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