Here’s What People Are Saying About Aliki’s Art in Mind Therapeutic Art Sessions…


“It’s amazing what you can discover about yourself and it is calming. Definitely want to do this again.”

“It is calming and I felt I matter to someone. It’s just about me for a little while.”

"I really liked the music, the supplies being so handy to grab, the fact that you let me do whatever I wanted--no pressure. I really liked the fact that we could talk or not as we worked. Your interaction afterwards, affirmed me."

“There was no pressure to be a ‘good’ artist.”

“Great work Aliki, you’re gentle nature and sensitivity helps you excel.”


“I'm a busy remedial massage therapist/wife/ triathlete/teacher who often gets stuck into the busyness of the rat race! I had no idea what I wanted to achieve when I signed up for Therapeutic Art with Aliki but her passion and amazing intuition and creativity really helped me to realize how I needed to prioritize my life and understand my gifts and talents! I felt so excited and motivated to take on the world as well as get in touch with my creative side...and trust me I'm far from an artist. There was no judging and I was very comfortable expressing freely and Aliki was unreal in the direction she took us during the session! I would recommend Art in Mind to ABSOLUTELY ANYBODY from business people to young adolescents trying to find their way. Thanks Aliki!!”

Michelle Barnes B.SC.KIN (name used with permission)

Here’s What Parents Are Saying About Aliki’s Private Classes...

“Superb teaching in an intimate setting. It has really sparked the desire in both my kids to expect more from their own art”

“ D. loves her time with you and it will be ever life changing.

I want you to know how much I appreciate you coming into my daughter's life and showing alternative ways of learning. It makes my heart fill up with hope for her after being told for many, many hard years she will never go to college and she will never get her high school diploma, however, she would make a good wife or neighbour someday. I was told by her teachers and the psychologist this just recently!!


D. was pushed through each grade and when she got frustrated the teachers would give up and move her on to something else. I was told my kid is mildly retarded, lazy, if she would just work harder, study more, read more, eat blueberries, and she will never amount to anything but someone’s assistant. The guilt was overwhelming. I did not know how to help my kid because the system was telling me it was useless. When I tried they would knock me down and make me second-guess myself for trying but I had to. I had to for D.’s sake. I look at D. and never see what she can't do but I see what she can do and we will never give up on her. It is very important to us to at least try and if it doesn't work then we tried.

Thank-you and never change who you are as a human being because you have changed my kid’s life and it has only been two weeks. Wait till she is with you a year or two!! Very exciting... We would also like to try the Math, English and studying for exams with art to see what happens.”

Here’s What Adults Are Saying About Aliki’s Workshops And Classes...


“I can draw!”

“Your openness and sincerity provide warmth and a willingness to try something new in a safe setting.”

“…the workshop was wonderful and inspirational. I learned I can be an artist, be creative…it was more than I expected.”

From Teachers…


“I enjoyed myself and learned some great ideas to apply to my own classroom.”

“The enthusiasm for art was energizing—recognizing techniques to use when you aren’t an artist yourself—can share that with students who don’t think they’re artists.

“I thought the money was well spent in gaining techniques and ideas…”

“Journaling has changed my teaching and classroom environment. I feel like I am starting my students on a life-long journey…”

“I believe journaling is therapeutic and allows me, as a teacher, to understand my students on a much deeper level. Thank you.”

“…well worth the investment.”

“…[you] will experience a dynamic change in drawing and attitude in just a few hours.”

“If I can draw something and not be embarrassed, anyone can.”

Here’s What Parents Are Saying About Aliki’s Teaching ...


“The children really enjoyed how the material was presented and gained confidence in their own abilities but were also encouraged to explore their own creative edge.”

“Excellent, very knowledgeable, made the learning fun!”

“...positive and encouraging”

“...very professional”

“I really appreciated the professionalism and ‘real’ art being taught.”

“...she truly cares about the kids and they adore her.”

“I expected some formal instruction in drawing and a fairly high caliber class and these expectations were met. Thank you!”

Here’s What Students Have Said About Classes...


“It’s really different from school because I really learned a lot about using different mediums and techniques.”

“The teacher gave very constructive feedback.”

“...is a good and honest teacher and she helps us improve our art”


Here’s What Parents Are Saying About Classes...


“I love what they produce, that they have been stretched artistically and that D. can actually sit and focus for more than 5 minutes!”

“A. really enjoyed the art class and the introduction to pastels.
We were really impressed with one comment he made about how “mistakes" can be turned into interesting and sometimes better parts of the art (He is somewhat of a perfectionist and as a result, can be a bit hard on himself sometimes. We were quite pleased to hear him talk in such a manner). Thank you for that coaching.”

“R. absolutely LOVES art class!! She looks so forward to Tuesdays. Sometimes she is so tired after school, but I find her so energized after your class. Thanks again for inspiring R. and always thinking about her.”


“I was very impressed with all the artwork I saw!”

“Both girls told us all about what they had done, and I know I was impressed seeing their creations at the end of class!”

“R.'s teacher said that she is very focused and involved in what is going on in the classroom. I definitely see a difference in her as well. We are so happy that your art class has filled a niche for R. in so many areas.”

“H. loves the class. More than anything else he's ever done I think.”

“This art class means more to him than art itself: it is a venue that has helped him sift through his emotions without being judged, in the safety net of the artistic realm. Thank you for providing this invaluable outlet where O. is able to learn how to put life into perspective (no pun intended!)”