What Areas Can I Choose to Work On? 

Clients can choose to work on three areas: health and wellness, goal setting and/or creative development. Please note that the lists below are just a few areas that participants may choose to explore. Therapeutic art can work on many other areas not listed here.

1. Health and Wellness

Using a variety of art and written exercises, you will experience for yourself the benefits of using art in a therapeutic way.  Look at the following list and see whether these are some of your challenges that you might like to explore and examine:

•  Anxiety
•  Depression
•  Other mental health challenges
•  Setting boundaries
•  Physical disease
•  Physical ailments or disorders
•  Self-esteem/Confidence
•  Faith/Religion/Spirituality
•  Personal growth/Self-examination
•  Insomnia
•  Anger
•  Perfectionism
•  Grief/Loss
•  Relationship challenges
•  Abuse
•  Addictions
•  Other

2. Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Studies show that creating your goal via art helps to embed the goal on a physiological level therefore helping you reach the goal faster and in a more natural way.  Are you transitioning in life? Need change? Or has change come upon you unexpectedly? Perhaps you need to clarify what you would like to do next.  All of this can be accomplished using therapeutic art exercises.

•  What do I want to be / do when I grow up?
•  Career changes
•  Weight loss
•  Parenting skills
•  Home/career building
•  Mid-life transition or career change
•  Stress management
•  Time management
•  Money management
•  Other

3.  Creative Development

Creative Development

Many people do not feel very creative. Yet creativity can actually be acquired just like any other skill.  Although everyone is born creative in different areas, often creativity becomes squelched due to demands of daily life.  Simply allowing yourself to explore your creativity can have a positive impact.
Perhaps you grew up or are living with others who are seen as ‘creative’ and you feel that you can’t possibly be creative because well, you don’t see yourself that way. It’s almost as though one member of a family is identified as the ‘creative one’ and therefore others do not feel as creative. Many non-creative people who have taken these courses have been able to finally relate to their creative family members.
Perhaps you are an artist with a creative block? Using therapeutic art can help with creative development.

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