Art in Mind Workshops

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During this workshop you will be introduced to the unique techniques used by Aliki that have facilitated a journey toward health, wellness and goal setting.

Art in Mind Workshops

These workshops are geared for anyone who is interested in self-care and self-reflection. Workshops can be used with a variety of populations such as those in helping professions (counselors, teachers, psychologists, physicians, therapists) as well as working professionals (great for staff bonding) and those who work at home (mums, carers, etc). The workshops are one way for you to do a little self-nurturing and also gain new ideas to use at work or at home.

The topics covered are as follows:

  1. A brief introduction to Aliki’s Art in Mind process. What it is, how and why it works.
  2. How to create a safe environment with your client or person you are helping.
  3. Exercise One: Spontaneous art making (hands on and personal work). Putting the ideas into practice.
  4. Introduction to a variety of techniques that helps process artwork.
  5. Directed art exercise.
  6. How and why the process of writing combined with art can produce strong results.
  7. How to be a therapeutic art facilitator.
  8. How to self care after an intense session with a client.
  9. Directed art exercise.
  10. More ideas on how to dialogue with a client about their art piece. (art review)
  11. Population groups that can benefit from using art therapeutically.
  12. Exercises to try at home.
  13. Closing exercise.

Cost: $195. Per person. All materials needed for use during this workshop are provided.

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Minimum workshop participants: 5

Date: For next workshop date or to arrange a workshop for your friends or colleagues, please register your interest by clicking here:

Location: Workshops take place at Aliki's art studio in Calgary, Alberta.

Other: Please bring a lunch and any snacks needed for the day as well as drinks/bottled water. You will be involved in making art and using art materials so you can dress casually or bring an old art shirt or smock.

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